I HAVE been a busy little web-mistress these last two weeks. There’s now 44 galleries up. From Africa, we have done Zambia, Malawi, Egypt, Somaliland, South Africa and Tanzania. Lebanon, Syria and Iran are up.

Also new, I have four galleries up under the heading “Man Made” from all kinds of vehicles, to homes and places of worship. I’d like to counter that with the “Nature” group, but I’m not quite ready for that.

“Oddities” is one I am keen to get up. You see some weird stuff on the road, especially in Japan. Maybe if I get into my J-files, they’ll both appear soon.

I’ve put together a list of some of the great books that I have written read about the places I have been or dream about going. If you look under “Words” you’ll find it, with an A-Z of travel thoughts.

Lastly, if you worry endlessly about missing a new gallery, then follow me on instagram. Still learning to crawl through that digital maze, but I’ll post irregular pics and updates on abus2nowhere.