I bought myself a scanner, and have dug the Big Box out of the cupboard. Scanning a few thousand slides will keep me busy enough, and then there are the b&w and colour negs to get through. And THEN pick bits of dust off them and touch them up and and and….

Two soldiers make some final adjustments in preparation for the coronation of Norodm Sihanouk, 23 September 1993. The much loved King returned after decades when the United Nations elections were completed.

There might not be much new stuff getting up here for a while. I have added quite a bit in the first weeks of 2020.
Three galleries under “PEOPLE”.
Photos from my exhaustive tour of Italy.
Those whacky Japanese are out in force in the “ODDITIES” as well as under Japan.
Some great wildlife encounters from Kenya.
“MARKETS” has moved into Culture. Food was looking a bit lonely there.
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