A Mongolian motorcyclist traverses the steppes from where the mighty Mongol warriors began their march.

Well, that all happened very quickly, didn’t it?
A virus jumped species, infected a human, and 5 months later, millions are infected, hundreds of thousands are dead, and billions live under lock down.
Right now, I can’t go down the street for lunch, go camping or visit another city. It is actually illegal for me to leave my own country, and there are almost no countries that would let me in anyway.
It’s pretty obvious I won’t be doing any international travel this year. When will borders open, and how? When will planes fly again, and how much will tickets cost? Will anyone ever set foot on a cruise again?
So, for the rest of the year, it will be a journey down Memory Lane. With all my pre-digital pics scanned, there is much work to do. With about 25 countries to work through, 3 a month and I might be close by Christmas. Or not.
In the last week or so, I have added my first Central Asian page, Kazakhstan, and my first South Asian page, Pakistan. Bangladesh, which I’d forgotten how photogenic it was, should be next up. And there a some new shots from a few places in the nature, people, culture and man-made sections, too.
So the plan for the next half a year is a mix of smaller jobs (Morocco, Russia, 1999 for example) and The Big Projects, like Thailand, Taiwan, Burma, Namibia and India.
While it is of course frustrating to be unable to travel (or do anything) it does make me glad that I did the traveling I did when I had the chances.