Remember unplanned, unbooked travel, changing cities or countries on a whim? Nothing booked when you got there?

Loving lockdown? Sounds weird, but, yeah, I reckon it’s alright.
OK, so I’m not in Bulgaria or Zimbabwe, but you want me to stay at home all day doing nothing? OK. I can do that. I’ve read quite a few books and pottered in the garden. I’ve even read a few books in the garden.
I long ago gave up any hope of travelling again until 2022. It’s out of my control, worrying won’t change it. And it -travel 2020- doesn’t look like much fun anyway.
Book your visit to the Coloseum online for a pre-arranged time, move in one direction only. Cafes and stuff are closed. Spontaneity is dead. Borders are open today closed tomorrow. Quarantine.
Nah, I’ll wait.
What’s new here? Lots. I finished Thailand, Uzbekistan and Taiwan, three of the biggest jobs I had. A couple of smaller pre-digital destinations, Mongolia and Sri Lanka are up. Australia! Lots of bush and birds and bugs from the outback. And the themed galleries (people, culture, nature, man-made etc) are getting bigger.
15 years of film has all been scanned, picked over and edited. Two years of stuff from Vietnam and Cambodia is a big body of work, probably the last to see the digital light of day.
Others in the works include Namibia, Philippines, Morocco, India and Burma.
Stay tuned. Stay sane. Keep drinking the bleach.