WHILE IT IS TOO early to call “light at the end of tunnel”, perhaps the tunnel is not quite as dark as it was 6 months ago. Unless of course if you live in most of Europe, The United States, India and many other countries, in which case, it is still quite dark.
Scientists, those underpaid, under-appreciated saviours in labs, have given us hope to get through this bullshit pandemic. Please don’t call vaccines “miracles”. They are the product of hard work and science.
I still don’t think I’ll be travelling in 2021, although I did get about 250 kms from home, to Wilsons’ Prom’. Thankfully there are some nice places to visit nearby, but no cobbled streets with Ottoman era mosques or glittering spires across the rice fields.
I’m half way through my Namibian pages. India is up. All of Central Asia. Some dodgy B&W stuff from Morocco captured on film. Work has been slowed as I turned inwards to books. Thanks to my local library, which made lockdown much easier.
Rule #2: don’t forget Rule #1.
Rule #1? Don’t get Covid.