I APPLIED FOR A visa- permission to enter a different jurisdiction- and crossed over an actual border (complete with customs inspection) into a foreign land!
Travel! A journey to the unknown!
South Australia!
Our first trip interstate on over a year was well over-due. A spot of bird-nerding at Gluepot Reserve came first. Then the main event, the Flinders Ranges, some of the oldest land on earth, some stunning hiking routes, and plenty of wildlife -euros, birds, yellow-footed rock wallabies.
And, yes, we took to the air in one of those new fangled flying machines, as seen in the picture. Wilpena Pound, part of Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park, from the air is pretty mind-blowing.
Sadly, crossing an international border remains a pipe-dream, at least until the Cock-Womble In Chief Prime Minister has called an election. Fortunately, there are plenty of magnificent places to see in Australia, and, for the time being at least, we can visit them without fear of kissing the pangolin.
For now, that’ll have to do.