KOSOVO PRIZREN mosque interior

That’s how I felt after my most recent and second covid-era trip. Like the lovable oaf in the Canadian Dry ad, something I loved – travel- just wasn’t working for me.
Our first trip, 2 months in Thailand was pretty good- lots of wildlife, friends, countryside motorcycling, food. The hot season did wear us out. So what did we do? Went to Europe in peak summer!
A few things went wrong. Crowds, smokers, heat, booking.com overload, sight fatigue. We did go to some pretty cool places and see some spectacular sights- pics to come- but the lure of the couch was strong.
Travel fatigue will pass. And to ease ourselves gently back into it, we will head back to India in 2023.
I never finally got around to finishing my last two galleries, from Siem Reap, and now I have truckloads more Thai pics and four Balkan nations to work through.