Somaliland hargiesa camel market trade travel

A country that doesn’t exist, Somaliland has all the trappings of a country: its own currency, constitution, police and military, courts, and even democratic elections. The world does not recognise its obvious independence, because it doesn’t want instability in the Horn of Africa! A bit late for that. Very, very different to its neighbour Ethiopia. It has millenia old rock art which should be world famous, and a camel market. Safe and easy going, you may, as we did, get to chew qat with the Minister For Tourism.

We only stayed a few days, visiting the capital Hargeisa, which we liked, the port town of Berbera which we didn’t, and the Las Geel rock art site, which took our breath away. The people were easy going, friendly and helpful. Most people were busy trying to make a living, and nobody had their hand out for money.
Please enjoy these pictures.