ALBANIA. The country few people first think of for a summer holiday. Land of pyramid schemes and desperate, overloaded migrant boats. Albania’s past, its 20th century past, does not define it. Illyrains, the original civilization, then Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, German and Soviets have all moulded this overlooked country.
One of communism’s most paranoid countries is open, literally and figuratively, to visitors, who have been coming in increasing numbers for a few years. No longer “undiscovered” but still a rewarding destination of traditions, history, nature and more.

Albania Shkodra Theth village hiking north trekking Accursed Mountains

NORTH: The Accursed Mountains and Shkodra

Albania Gjirokastra shops street ancient town mountain

SOUTH: Gjirokastra and ancient Greek cities

Albania Berat tradional houses old town old city heritage

CENTRAL: Old Berat and flashy Tirana