OK, so this is a pretty small section at the moment.
The second biggest hole in my travel CV, Europe apparently has a little bit of history, food and culture. Throw in the odd mountain and beach, and I look forward to seeing more of “the old world” soon. All I can offer at the moment is three weeks of Greece, one week in Russia, and four hours of Rome. (I have put Turkey in the Middle East.) One day I hope to have up work from a quick trip to Russia up, from my pre-digital time.

 At the time of writing, I am looking at going to the Balkans in 2020: Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania for starters. Studying Travel & Tourism, I learnt just how much there is to see and eat in France, so western Europe can’t be too far off.

GREECE: Like most Melbourne kids of the 1970s, I have a deep connection to Greece: my first foreign swear words were Greek. It’s also one of the first countries I was taught about in history and geography classes.
Sparticus, Athens, Golden Fleeces ……

 ITALY: I’m an expert of Italy.
I have lost track of how much time I have spent there. Was it four hours, or was it six?
It was enough to squeeze in two meals, some old churches, a Collesium, the Forum, and whatever those steps are called. While my experience was limited to just Rome, I liked what I saw – and ate – and reckon I can make it further next time. One day.

RUSSIA: A FORMER SUPERPOWER, stretching from the Baltic to Hokkaido, land of week long train rides, the greatest ballets and musicians of the world……