KENYA: Original home of the safari.

Rightly famous for its magnificent National Parks like Maasai Mara and Amboseli, Kenya is more than just a first class wildlife destination.
Beyond the Big Five, there are beautiful hills, harsh deserts, colourful tribes, lakes, flamingos, the birthplace of humanity at Lake Turkana, mountain climbing, tea plantations, many less famous but equally rewarding national parks.
And the Kenyan people are polite, educated and friendly.
The biggest annual migration takes places as millions of wildebeest and other grazers traverse the Serengeti Plain in search of greener pastures. Hiking in the west you’ll come across a variety of primates, hornbills, as well as landscapes.
Sadly, due to computer and human error, I lost 95% of my photos (nearly all of what you see if my wife’s – thanks).

NAIROBI: Nobody’s favourite city, aka, Nairobbery.


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TSAVO WEST NATIONAL PARK: Just don’t tell anyone, OK?

AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK: More elephants than you can poke a stick at.