The most beautiful country I have visited yet. Also probably one of the hardest to travel in.
Maybe that is no coincidence.
Many of the towns pre-date the silk road era, right back to Alexander, the Sogdians and earlier. The food can be down there with Iran bad. The roads, well, that is some times not how I would describe them. And sometimes the accommodation is dank and mouldy.
But the views!
Lakes as blue as the sky, running down into each other. The snow capped Hindu Kush mountains. Gorgeous villages, strong traditions, millennia old languages surviving in remote valleys. The Wakhan corridor overlooking Afghanistan, and the incredible Pamir Mountains.

DUSHANBE AREA: The capital, and two valley villages.

AFGHAN BORDER: To Khorog and the Wakhan Corridor.

PAMIR HIGHWAY: The roof of the world to Kyrgyzstan.

ISTARVASHAN: Ancient silk roads city.

FANN MOUNTAINS: Hike til you can’t hike no more.

HAFT KUL: Seven lakes, how cool?