Don’t tell anyone. Oman is quietly going about its business in a very low key, un-gulf like way. No flash supertowers or Formula One tracks. Just relaxed, traditional Arab culture. Stunning beaches and deserts. Castle, forts and souqs dot the country.
Traditional architecture and old mud houses can be found throughout Oman, from Salalah near the Yemeni border, through the interior or along the coast, to the capital, Muscat.
Day trips in to wadis to enjoy the cool shade or a swim, or a multi-day 4WD or camel trek through the dunes of the Empty Quarter.
The Omani Sultanate once controlled land and seas all the way to Zanzibar, which served as its capital. The people are proud of their heritage, and a huge part of that is their hospitality.

THE GULF COAST: Muscat, wadis and some old town ruins.

THE ARABIAN SEA: The frankincense trade

NIZWA: Forts, forts and more forts