Also known as the Indian Subcontinent, this large chunk of Asia is dominated by India, with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka amongst its many neighbours. Home to many great civilizations, ancient cities, towering forts and palaces. Cultural variety? India alone has about 15 languages on its banknotes. At times an assault on the senses, South Asia may not be everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended) but is never dull. Bangladesh is one of the world’s least visited countries, with history, landscapes, river trips and some incredibly friendly people. Pakistan needs a good PR campaign. The food’s great, the cities a riot of colour and noise, and probably the only country in the world where being from David Boon’s country will get you a free dinner. Serene and serendipitous, the tear-drop island of Sri Lanka has attractions in spades, too.

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PAKISTAN: Unbelievable hospitality. Some pretty good food. Colourful bazaars, cricket mad people. Majestic Mughal architecture and mosques. Exotic names like the Khyber Pass, Peshawar and Rawalpindi…..

BANGLADESH: “That’ll be a quick job,” I thought, opening my file for Bangladesh, hoping to get another country uploaded and away. How wrong I was. I had forgotten just how photogenic the countryside is, and how choatically captivating the cities are. On top of that, everyone wants their photo taken. Markets, schools, train ride, boats, everywhere.

SRI LANKA: THE TEAR-DROP shaped country, at the bottom of India, known once as Ceylon, but for much longer as “Serendip”, which gives us the word “serendipity”……

INDIA: I put on a lot of weight in India, 5kgs in 2 weeks. Everywhere I turned was something good to eat, or a tiny cup of chai with 2000% sugar. In two trips (2004 and 2019) I have hardly made a dent in the wonderous list of mind-blowing stuff to see, do, smell, watch, ride or eat.