US OLD FOLKS USED TO call it “Oceania”, which these days is not much more than New Zealand easy ticket to the FIFA World Cup. Besides my home country, Australia, I have only been to Papua New Guinea, which was a trip back in time, back in the 1980s.
With BatFlu closing the travel options, perhaps I will finally make the hop across the ditch to Kiwiland soon. The islands like Samoa and the Solomons, I’ll get to one day.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: One of the world’s most fascinating countries is right on Australia’s door step, and yet almost none of us visit. It is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places on earth. With over 830 languages spoken, there is nowhere with more linguistic diversity per kilometre, and more endangered languages than anywhere else.

AUSTRALIA: You know, this is actually a pretty awesome country to travel in.
The food is great, from Vietnamese noodles to Ethiopian or mezze, you can eat anything here. Australia has some really incredible national parks, such as Kakadu…..