MIDDLE EAST: The birthplace of civilization. From mathematics, to medicine, to writing and farming, this is where it all comes from. Many of the world’s great religious buildings, colourful souqs, snow capped mountains, ancient cities and religions.


AFRICA: The birth place of man-kind. From the spices of Morocco to Nelson Mandela’s prison home on Roben Island, continents probably don’t come much more varied……

SOUTH EAST ASIA: Probably my favourite regions for travel. From the fiery chilli laced dishes of Thailand to the forests of Borneo, the thousands……

NORTH EAST ASIA: Say goodbye to tuk-tuks and 20c noodles, welcome to the expensive parts of Asia.
Almost as diverse as South East Asia, and neck and neck in the Food Olympics, there can be found a huge array of sights, sounds, languages, people and culture.

CENTRAL ASIA: A fascinating part of the world, having emerged from the brutal Soviet era. Rich with history, the playground of all the world’s great conquerors. The Mongol armies of Genghis Khan and his descendants grew strong here……..

KOSOVO PEC famous monastery fresco church catholic religion FYROM Serb Orthodox Chruch travel photography

EUROPE: OK, so this is a pretty small section at the moment. The second biggest hole in my travel CV, Europe apparently has a little bit of history, food and culture. Throw in the odd mountain…..
Up and ready to view!

Pakistan bus travel rural

SOUTH ASIA: Also known as the Indian Subcontinent, this large chunk of Asia is dominated by India, with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka amongst its many neighbours. Home to many great civilizations, ancient cities, towering forts, wildlife….

SOUTH PACIFIC: “Australasia” isn’t used much anymore. “Oceania” hardly gets a run either. “South Pacific” conjures up images off palm trees swaying, beaches and kava. But no Tonga, Vanuatu or even a New Zealand in here yet.
Papua New Guinea and Australia. For now.