A land like no other. Tribal areas in the south have little resemblance to their Tigrayan countrymen in the north. Stunning mountain hikes around the Simien and Bale mountain ranges. Some of the world’s rarest wildlife like the Ethiopian wolf and fox, as well as primates, zebra, elephant. The birdlife will convert the hardest cynic into a twitcher.
The hottest place on the planet, the Danakil Depression is home to some unearthly landscapes, as well as some seriously tough tribesman. Churches carved out of the side of mountains, or into the ground.
Bad roads, worse hotels, long distances, power outages, Ethiopia is tough going, but truly rewarding.
Regrettably, I lost several weeks of photographs, including some incredible birdlife at Lake Ziwa, and the fascinating Hamar tribe’s bull jumping ceremony.

ADDIS ABABA: Africa’s cultural capital.

THE HISTORIC NORTH: Lalibela, Axum and the Tigrayan rock churches.

ETHIOPIA Simien Mountains hiking baboons travel africa nature wildlife

SIMIEN MOUNTAINS: Hiking and wildlife.

ETHIOPIA DANAKIL depression dallol sulphur travel africa nature scenery

THE DANAKIL: The planet’s most inhospitable landscape.

GONDAR: The first Ethiopian capital.

BAHIR DAR: Source of the Nile.

ETHIOPIA HARAR travel africa mosque

HARAR: Feed hyenas in the fourth city of Islam.