I want to thank the many doctors that have put me together and held me together: Doctors Minh, Dan, Bobby, Muradiye, Amelia, and especially Dr Amy.
Although not doctors, mentors Anne-Marie and Kara, and web-sensei, Mark, too.
Thanks to all the shopkeepers, drivers, mechanics, cooks, cleaners, tuk-tuks, and guides.
To the receptionists, merchants, farmers, strangers, shoe-shines, givers of directions, smilers and laughers.
To the translators, drunks, police, stall holders, publicans, priests, imams, butchers, bakers, candle-stick makers, potters, tinkers and tailors.
Thank you.

Big thanks of course to my Mum and Dad, without whom I probably wouldn’t be here. I’m sure you probably had bigger visions for me, though.

And thanks biggest to my partner in crime, the drinking half of the team, the wife. Not only does she put up with me, she encourages me, gives me silly ideas and joins me in them. And for all the times I have taken “just one more photo”, thanks and sorry.

I want to dedicate this website to Jun and Duncan, two of the best mates I have ever had.

One of you died doing what you loved best; the other never had the chance to live your dreams.
You keep me going.