Live out two of your fantasies in a couple of days. Play Indiana Jones at Petra, and Lawrence Of Arabia at Wadi Rum. Throw in the Dead Sea, grand Roman cities like Jerash, hiking trails through the Dana Valley, and you’d have one of favourite places, right?
Yes, the sights and experiences of Jordan are some of the best in the region, but the people just don’t know when to stop cheating. Even when you can read Arabic numbers on a price, they’ll charge you double.
Our biggest disappointment was signing up for a tour of Wadi Rum, only to find out that the driver wasn’t licenced and could not actually take us in to Wadi Rum Protected Area. No shame. The average Jordanian, like the old dear on the mini bus, or the truck driver who bought us tea, is fine. But if there is money involved…..
Despite the difficulties, put Jordan on your travelling agenda.